Prepping for a regatta isn't just about the physical training and mental prep, but also ensuring you have the right tools for success on race day. The last thing you want to realize on race day is that you've forgotten to pack your favorite sunglasses, your team's unisuit, or your lucky warmup shirt. Below, you'll find a list of important items to remember to pack, whether you're going traveling to your own lake or across the country.


1. Custom Team Racing Gear

This one seems like a no-brainer, but how many times has someone traveled to an important race, but forgot their unisuit? Remember to pack the outfit your boat will be racing in, whether it includes a unisuit, long sleeve, splash jacket, or another style. Avoid the last-minute panic of forgetting your essential racing kit!

TIP: Don't forget your team's custom hat or visor!


To get started on custom rowing gear, email or call 1-800-831-3305.


2. Sunscreen

Don't get caught in the sun all day without sunscreen! Protect your skin from prolonged exposure to the sun, especially when you're out on the water. 


3. Comfy Travel Gear

You may be wearing a comfortable outfit as you head out the door, but don't forget to pack some comfy clothes for downtime between practice and races, and for the journey home! Explore custom travel kit options, or head to JL Athletics for ready-to-ship joggers, hoodies, and more for ultimate comfort.




4. Sunglasses

We all know how bright the sun can get out on the water, which is why sunglasses are an important item to remember! Enhance visibility and reduce glare for a focused race. 



5. Rowing Accessories 

Depending on the weather, you may want to bring some extra accessories. Racing in the cold? Don't forget your pogies! Racing in the heat? Remember to bring a hat or visor to keep the sweat out of your eyes. Be sure to bring personal items like a seat pad if you typically use one!

Shop Headwear

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 Shop Seat Pads



6. Water Bottle

An important one for daily use and in the boat! Check out our 32oz Sport Water Bottle for a convenient and reliable hydration solution during the regatta.


7. Warmup Apparel

You already packed your racing gear, but don't forget to pack a couple options for layers. Varying weather conditions may call for a lightweight long sleeve, a splash jacket, a quarter zip, or some tights. Whatever the weather, we've got you covered!




8. Your Favorite Snacks

Keep the energy levels high with your go-to pre-race snacks. Consistency in your pre-race routine is key, so pack those familiar snacks that fuel your performance and contribute to your success on the water. If it's working, no need to switch it up! 


9. Footwear

The right footwear makes all the difference when you're not in the boat! Pack your comfy travel shoes, as well as your favorite flip-flops or sandals for convenience. Prioritize both performance and recovery outside the boat.


10. Practice Gear

Will your team go out for a practice row before race day? Pack an extra practice outfit or two! Whether it's a unisuit, or a top and trou outfit, make sure you have some extra training apparel. Looking to match your boat for your practice row? Head to JL Athletics for a variety of options!




11. Regatta / Rain Jacket

There is nothing worse than being stuck at a regatta while it's raining - unless you're properly prepared! It is always worth bringing a Regatta JacketSplash Jacket, or a rain jacket in the event that it does rain.




12. Speaker / Headphones

There's nothing like a good playlist to get you pumped up for your race, or to keep the energy going at the race course. Bring a speaker or headphones to listen to your favorite tunes! Looking for a good playlist? Check out our Team JL 2024 Erging Playlist on Spotify!


13. Backpack / Dry Bag

It's always good to have a smaller backpack or dry bag that you can bring to the race course, so that you can leave your suitcase at the hotel. Bring a bag that you can pack your water, a few layers, and any other important items for the day.


What else is on YOUR regatta packing list?

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