January 23, 2020


Why Sublimation?

Have you ever wondered why JL started using sublimation? Read up on the amazing benefits below! 

A more technical garment

NO UNNECESSARY SEEMS OR INSERTS = 100% functionality and comfort

Greater customization

  1. Extended color scheme with exact pantones
  2. Fast design process
  3. Infinite possibilities of design


  1. Sublimation = ZERO water waste
  2. The average dyed shirt wastes 2,700 liters of water! 
  3. Reduce fabric waste
  4. Reduce energy consumption: 10x less than dye fabric!

Why JL Sublimation is different

JL has invested heavily in sublimation to become the largest sublimator in the western hemisphere. We carry the highest quality inks and most advanced printers and presses for vibrant colors and deep saturation. 

With our large capacity and attention to client relations, we provide an assigned color printing profile, printer, and press for every client so you can trust your team color is archived and repeatable. 

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