Rowing is such a beautiful and unique sport. There is so much power, grit, determination, and exertion within a boat, yet from the outside, it looks smooth and graceful. If you ask a rower, there are endless answers as to why rowing is their sport. 

We all know that saying that rowers do more in a morning than most people do in their whole day. Early mornings, grueling workouts, hours on the erg, and a huge amount of practice time for a relatively short race. So what exactly is it that makes rowers want and even love to do these things? 

We asked the rowing community, "Why do YOU Row?" Here are some of the responses we received. 

"It's a great balance of mental and physical effort. Also, bonus points for no impact."



"Makes me feel alive and productive!"



"It's different from other sports, the whole boat has to work as one and there is no super star."



"Rowing is a mix of strength and endurance, yet is so elegant! On the water I feel like myself."



"I row because I feel alive in the sport, constantly learning from my mistakes to improve my stroke and fitness. I read somewhere when I was first introduced to rowing that it takes 10 years to get good at rowing..I'm only in year 4 and I can't wait to see my strokes in year 10. It's the most challenging thing I've ever done for myself. When I'm in that boat or on an erg trying to apply what my coaches have taught me it's absolute focus and trust that what we're all doing together will et me to mastery in my personal journey of this amazing sport. Plus I can eat whatever I want..bonus!"



"It's my life, it's my home where the stress of school and life goes away."



"I row because I love the feeling when you are skimming across glass water and have good pressure and when everything is working perfectly together." 



"It's meditation paired with the closest I get to flying"



"To accomplish a common goal together, and that goal can only be accomplished if each and every crew member works equally as hard wants the goal as bad, together." 



"Because it is the one thing that I can count on to always be there. I have the power to make it happen. What I put into it - I get out of it. It is an amazing machine with so many benefits - if you get the technique right - you just get stronger every day."



"It provides a sense of camaraderie with your teammates."



"Nothing more peaceful than rowing a small boat on flat water with a beautiful sunrise."



"Because it makes me feel alive."



"To burn off the crazy. De-stress from life."



"For balance and depth in my life."



"It's good for my soul."


Why do YOU row?

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