Top Styles of the Season

November 09, 2021

Top Styles of the Season

We like to keep things fresh and interesting at JL. From solid colors to sleek designs, and fun patterns to unique prints, there is sure to be racing and training gear for everyone. Whether you are headed into winter on the erg, or rowing on the water year-round, our brand new fall designs will make it easy to get ready for a solid winter training day. Keep on reading to see what is new this season.





Finish Line Ringer Trou


Unisex JL Script Windbreaker


Hi-Viz Adrenaline Long Sleeve Tech Shirt


Ultramarine Long Sleeve Tech Shirt




Women's Hi-Viz Geo Unisuit

Women's Quintessential Hi-Viz Training Unisuit

Women's Red Adrenaline Spaghetti Strap Unisuit


Women's Ireland Unisuit

Women's Short Cut Compression Wick Trou Black


Women's Hi-Viz Adrenaline Tangled Unisuit




Men's Fast Lane Unisuit

Men's Hi-Viz Adrenaline Unisuit

Men's Red Adrenaline Unisuit


Men's Pure Americana Unisuit


Men's Ireland Unisuit

Men's Quintessential Hi-Viz Training Unisuit


Men's Ultramarine Unisuit


JL Classic Sequel Jacket Hi-Viz

Men's Badlands Unisuit


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