Do you want to be more involved in the rowing community, and share the sport with a wider audience? Are you interested in becoming a part of JL and helping us grow? Applications for the 2023 Team JL Ambassador Program are open from September 19 to October 3. 

Team JL 2023 applications are now closed.

Here are a few things you should know before applying to be a part of Team JL!


What is Team JL?

Team JL is an ambassador program that brings together rowers, coxswains, and coaches from all over the globe who love the JL brand, want to help build the sport, and connect with the rowing community around the world. This exclusive group of athletes is comprised of a variety of different levels: from Olympic Medalists, World Champs, and Elites, to Novices and Masters. Team JL includes rowers, coxswains, and coaches who range in age from 15 to 60+. With athletes at every level, and on national teams all over the world, we encourage team members to connect through our social media groups, as well as at events. Team members work with us to promote the brand, as well as share inspiration for new launches and designs. 


Why be part of Team JL?

Being a part of Team JL is an opportunity for people who are passionate about rowing to grow the community and get more involved in the JL brand. It is about creating lifelong connections through a shared love of sport and a brand that supports and loves rowing. We've been here, supporting rowers worldwide for 40+ years, and this is just the beginning! Be a part of something bigger! We're fast. We're fun. We look darn good in our JL gear! Join us in 2023 to share your love of the sport and bring JL comfort and performance to future rowing generations!


Benefits of Team Membership

Exclusive access and discounts on limited edition Team JL collections. Ability to design artwork for rowing apparel, and network at events. Year-round discounts on all other JL gear, including at events, in-line product, and custom team orders. Custom referral benefits and more!

  • Exclusive ambassador discounts
  • Ambassador spotlights each month that highlight individual ambassadors on Team JL newsletter, external JL newsletter, blog, and social platforms.
  • Team JL Friends & Family discounts offered throughout the year
  • Photoshoot opportunities in exchange for new apparel
  • Access to exclusive Team JL event opportunities including Team JL boats, Team JL workouts and more
  • Ambassador take-overs of JL social
  • Review products for testimonial purposes and feedback
  • Run events in your region with JL's help!

How Can I Apply?

Applications are open from September 19 through October 3. Keep in mind that passion and communication skills are high on our list, erg scores not so much.

Team JL 2023 applications are now closed.


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