The rowing community is unique. Women and men athletes have worked hard to stand on a relatively equal playing field regarding representation, opportunity, and pay at the elite level – this has not always been the case. It has taken several generations of strong men and women to achieve this feat, where countless oarsmen and oarswomen have found the power of elevating one another on and off the water. 


She Will Win JL Racing


Gender gaps within all sports continue to linger. Such gaps include difference in pay, participation and media viewership amongst female athletes. However, at She Will Win, they have chosen to take an action based approach instead of dwelling on histories of the past. The root of these differences lie not within prejudice or discrimination. Instead, SWW believes the root of these differences lie in lack of females in sports. Join She Will Win, as they strive to get more women in boats - from youth to the professional level. Let’s stay vigilant as community to set the standard for equality within sport, continually advocating to get more women into boats, on the court, or on the field.


She Will Win JL Racing    She Will Win JL Racing

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