The N.C.A.A.’s recent policy change, which allows athletes to make endorsement deals whether or not they attend college, is a significant change to the sports industry as a whole. For the last four years, JL Racing has been the official sponsor of the US National Team, providing them with extensive custom uniforms and performance apparel. In light of the new N.C.A.A. policy change, JL Racing plans to re-direct marketing efforts by offering sponsorship opportunities to individual athletes from each level and from all over the world. JL continues to support and advocate for the US National Team, USRowing efforts and the National Rowing Foundation.

USRowing men's JL unisuits

"Looking to the future, as JL continues to be a leader in high quality, customizable rowing gear, we are thrilled to directly support athletes and provide a greater impact on their livelihoods and journeys to train and compete." JL Racing’s CEO, Kellen Maloney, states.

JL Racing will continue to run its global ambassador program that brings together a group of 300+ rowers who love the JL brand, want to help build the sport, and connect with other athletes on a world-wide level. The new sponsorship program will be a separate branch of the Team JL Ambassador Program. This new opportunity will be open to a select group of dedicated rowers who will increase awareness of rowing around the world. If you are a rower and interested in being sponsored by JL Racing please submit an application in the link here.

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