As the International Sales rep at JL Racing, I get the pleasure to work with our partners located in Australia, Belgium, Germany, New Zealand, and the UK, as well as directly with teams and individuals from everywhere else in the world. With so many options for manufacturers out there, it is awesome that they choose JL. But why do they choose JL?! I tend to believe it is for some core reasons; Quality and Great Customer Service.

JL represents quality; you can tell from the exceptional fit, high-caliber fabrics and well thought out garment construction. An athlete knows when they put on a JL product that it is going to function the way that it is supposed to allowing them to focus on performance during training and racing. When I started with JL back in 2012, I knew from the start that I was working for a company that I could be proud to represent and have confidence in selling our products. I have extensive training on our products and fabrics so that I know what each team is looking for, and can create something unique and of the highest quality.

At JL we strive to provide the best customer service. I enjoy building relationships with the teams that I work with. I love getting those emails with photos of the team when they get their new kit and I am so excited to see when they have a win. I cheer for each and every team that I work with and look forward to our correspondence. I strive to make the ordering experience easy and enjoyable.

With serving the international market a lot of the correspondence is done via email or phone, whereas domestically reps can meet face to face and have garments in front of them with our sizing kits. International athletes come to JL sometimes only through word of mouth or at an encounter at a regatta booth. I send photos of details and we correspond virtually. How amazing is that?! To me, this speaks volumes about JL’s product and our reputation. We are continuing to break into the international market and are working on ways to better serve our international rowers! Have a few questions? Please feel free to reach out at any time. I look forward to hearing from you!

Portia Brown
International Liaison
International Sales Rep
Phone: 800-831-3305 ext 121
Skype ID:
JL Rowing Racing International Sales Rep

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