Intermediate Cycling Tips by, Kevin O'Hara

So you’ve been riding for a while, and by no means are you a beginner anymore. As with any sport, cycling training can start to plateau. To avoid this and learn how to keep getting better, here are 3 quick tips for the intermediate cyclist looking to up their game. 

  1. Focus more time on core strength training. Developing strong core muscles is one way to improve your performance on and off the bike. By locking your core and pushing through your glutes, you’ll give yourself a keen edge. A strong core will also support good posture and help with recovery.
  1. Descend at speed. There’s no quicker way to tell a beginning cyclist from a seasoned one. This takes a bit of practice, confidence, and out right guts, but leaning into the downhill can drastically improve your performance. There are many resources on YouTube to practice these maneuvers. 
  1. Up your clothing game. For most riders, the transition for beginner to intermediate occurs over your first winter riding. This means more clothing demands to keep your body safe in the harsher temps. We recommend leg and arm warmers, thermal base layer clothing, a heart rate monitor, and some good hat and gloves. (Head over to for all those needs!)
August 14, 2019 — Hannah Abbott


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