UC San Diego rowers reached out to ask for help promoting a GoFundMe campaign to help their assistant coach, Dameon Engblom, the assistant coach for the UCSD Men's Rowing team. He unfortunately just lost his family home, beloved pick-up truck, and the majority of his bikes and bike workshop in Oregon due to the devastating wildfires. Dameon has coached at many other successful programs including the University of Pennsylvania and Oregon State. Needless to say he is one of us and part of our rowing community. 

"I'm currently a Sophomore on the men's rowing team at UC San Diego and, in the short time I've known him, Dameon has not only been a fantastic coach/mentor but also a great friend who's helped me and several of my teammates deal with some rough times and become better people through them.  He's very involved and genuinely cares for the specific needs of every rower, whether they be technical, emotional or physical.  I once visited him in his office for a film review session and left with not only a comprehensive understanding of exactly how I needed to improve my stroke, but also a few music recommendations, a pre-2k kale pasta recipe and a wild story or two from Burning Man. All that is to say that Dameon is probably the best coach I have ever had the privilege to row for and he means a whole lot to our team.  He has been able to give us everything and more this year despite periodically having to be absent to deal with some unexpected family health problems that were taking a toll on him long before 2020 revealed itself to be the demonic year it is." -Thomas Wilson

It was with this in mind that the  UCSD Men's Rowing team put together a GoFundMe for Dameon and his family to raise money and rebuild the property they lost in the fires. There has already been a tremendous outpouring of support from people affiliated with UCSD and beyond and they are incredibly grateful for every donation they have received so far.  

It would mean so much to their program and his family if you would consider donating to the fundraiser and help them rebuild the life they once had. All of the funds raised will go directly to supporting Dameon and his family. Please share this fundraiser with family and friends. Thank you all for your contributions!



Thomas Wilson said:

Thank you so much for sharing this it means everything!

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