Beat The Heat With These Tips

With temperatures skyrocketing and summer racing heating up, it can be easy to lose your cool. If tempers start to run hot, it can be easy to let the summer slip by. Since nobody likes a crab in the boat, we’ve got some suggestions that could help your summer - and your boat- running smoothly. 

1) Make Some “Me” Time

Between summer rowing, work, and catching up with friends and family, it can be tough to find time to relax, which can lead to tension. Though it may seem strange, many athletes find that taking time away from sports to unwind, watch a movie, or read a book may actually give them an extra performance boost when they return to practice. It may seem great to be the person who practically lives in the gym, or the athlete who is always picking up extra sessions, but even with a packed schedule it remains important to make time for yourself. An hour, half hour, or even some small breaks throughout the day to relax and take your mind off things can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next task. 

2) Embrace the Community

As we covered in our last piece (insert link____) summer rowing is a great time to meet more people in the community, whether they are experienced masters, first-time novices, or international rowers. It’s important to avoid getting burnt out by the summer, so taking time to chat around the boathouse can lead to some new methods or practices that may just give you an edge on the competition. Growing this network can aid in the development both on and off the water. Many rowers find jobs through their connections, so taking time to introduce yourself to fellow rowers could pay off - literally. The athletes that surround summer rowing are always a great resource to remember, and reaching out to teammates or other local rowers may be the extra push you need to reach your summer goals. 

3) Trust Your Plan

Whether you aspire to learn the basics of rowing, make your high school varsity boat, or represent the national team, one of the most important parts of the process is the plan. Making and maintaining a plan, even a simple one, can help when it comes to setting and achieving goals. Once you make a plan, trust it! It may be frustrating to seem like you aren’t improving after a few days or even weeks, and that can make it difficult to train. Let cooler heads prevail; talk to fellow rowers, look for online resources, and work with coaches to keep yourself on track with your plan. Don’t let one bad practice bring you to the edge of boiling over, and remember to trust the plan and the process of getting better. 

4) Dress For Success

It’s no surprise that one of the keys to keeping your body cool is covering up so even though practice may seem like the right time to score some rays, leave the tanning for the beach. Wearing sunscreen is important and highly recommended, and wearing a performance top or even long sleeves on the water in the summer can seriously help save your skin. One long day at a regatta can quickly turn into multiple days of recovery from fluid loss and overheating. Wearing a wicking outer layer can aid in the prevention of dehydration, a notorious boat-speed killer which can quickly lead to serious health issues. Nobody likes to miss a good day on the water, so using sun safety, being on the lookout for your teammates, and taking steps to stay hydrated can maximize your practice time, and keep you feeling and looking cool off the water as well. 

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