5 Tips For Novice Rowers by Kevin O'Hara

Use these quick tips to get a head start at the beginning of your rowing journey! Remember to always be safe, and practice proper technique to avoid injury. With these tips, you’ll be flying down the water!

1. Drive with your legs

Rowing is mostly in the legs. They’re much stronger than your arms and should be doing a majority of the work. Focus on driving through your heels, pushing straight back. Remember, the order should go: Legs, Hips, Arms.

2. Don’t grip too hard

It should feel natural. Keep a strong enough grip not to lose it, but you don’t want to wear out your forearms or rip up your palms by squeezing to death.

3. Pull to the bottom of your ribs

Keep your elbows straight and relaxed as you push with your legs. Sit tall, and don’t let your shoulders get pulled up - they should feel like you are pinching your shoulder blades together. Aim to bring the bar right at the bottom of your ribcage.

4. Breathe properly

If breathing is causing you trouble, you’re probably rushing. Find your pace. Exhale as you drive back, and inhale as you recover and move forward. Your upper body should feel like a pendulum, going back and forth in a fluid motion.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

As with anything, (perfect) practice makes perfect. Focus on getting your consistent steady movement down, and with time the speed and power will come. A good technique is more efficient than yanking wildly as hard as you can!

August 14, 2019 — Hannah Abbott

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