Fastest and youngest female trio: Flo, Hannah, & Georgie are rowing from La Gomera, Canary Islands (28 'N 18 'W), to English Harbour, Antigua (17oN 61oW) for 3000 miles of open ocean and two-hour shifts of around the clock rowing. Between the two islands, the women will be tested as a crew to the limits of their physical and mental capabilities as they push to be the youngest and fastest three women to ever row across the Atlantic Ocean. 

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge starts on December 12, 2020. Teams range from solos to fives, with 25 total teams participating in this year's race. Typically, people row 2 hours on, 2 hours off, for 24/7 to keep the boat in motion. The women will be battling 40ft waves, sleep deprivation, and maybe even the chance of sharks! The world record to row across the Atlantic is 29 days; the average is 60, and the longest 120.

Flo Ward, Hannah Walton, and Georgie Leech are all university rowers. Hannah and Flo learned to row at the University of Bristol, while Georgie learned at the University of Lincoln. All 3 women loved the competitive nature of the sport and knew about the Atlantic row (friends had rowed it - all men), but it wasn't until a few years later that it felt like the right time for the women to tackle the challenge.

In participating in this challenge, the women want to raise money and awareness of the work that Women in Sport and Rowing Together for Healthy Minds (RTHM) are doing. 

"We all feel that our lives have been shaped by our involvement with the sport. Learning to row at university, we all discovered a new sport that we fell in love with and made lifelong friends through. Our belief is that everyone should have the same opportunities to participate in sport and that women should be on a level-playing field to men.  Sadly we have experienced misogyny in sport at university, and currently, we are seeing the disparity in sponsorship opportunities for men vs women. We also believe sport is vital for keeping you healthy both physically and mentally. This is why we also chose to support Rowing Together for Healthy Minds. It was set up after another rower from the University of Bristol Boat Club (where Hannah and Flo learned to row) died by suicide." -Flo Ward

There is currently no charity platform that has both WiS and Mind registered on it. That's why they've chosen to go down the Crowdfunding route. Rest assured, that 100% of what is raised will be split equally between the charities. 


Women in Sport:  There are 721,800 more inactive women than men in England. (Sport England). The charity Women in Sport was founded in 1984, with the goal of giving every woman and girl in the UK the opportunity to experience the transformational rewards of the sport. Whilst the tide is starting to turn, there is still a way to go before there is parity in participation and media coverage of women's sport. Women In Sport are the only organization in the UK that researches sport purely from the perspective of women and girls. They use the insight gained to drive change through campaigns and partnerships.

RTHM: For all three of the women rowing has played a key role in keeping their minds healthy. Being a part of a sports club has meant having a wider support network and a sense of belonging. Sometimes though, when things get tough, it’s not always easy to talk. This is why they are also supporting Rowing Together for Healthy Minds (RTHM), a mental health initiative for rowers, aimed at turning up the volume on discussing mental health. RTHM is not a registered charity but is an official partner with Mind, who offer information about mental health and provide support to anyone affected by these issues.


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