Esha Bhattacharya is a coxswain from the US and will be coxing for Yale Women's Crew in the fall. Bhattacharya is hosting an All-Star Rowing Webinar that will feature 16 amazing panelists, including both US Olympic rowing coaches and many Olympians. They will talk about the importance of diversity in rowing, the ways that viewers can promote inclusivity within their own teams, and their own keys to rowing success. All proceeds will be donated to the ACLU. 

The rowing community has been long known for its lack of diversity, both racially and socioeconomically. It is time that we change that. In each of these two-hour long webinars, esteemed rowers, coaches, and coxswains will discuss the key to their crews' success as well as their insight on the issue of diversity and what we, as a community, can be doing to solve it.

Each webinar will be split into three parts. First, the panelists will discuss diversity and anti-racism in rowing as well as its importance. Then, they will explain the factors that led to the success of their crews. The final thirty minutes will be dedicated to answering your questions on either topic.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ask questions to some of the most successful athletes and coaches in the rowing world, as well as listen to them discuss what made their crews so successful and gain insight into the importance of diversity and inclusivity. 


*One $25 ticket grants you access to ALL webinars! You will receive a link via email that can be used for all four webinars.* 

July 10th, 2 pm EST - 4 pm EST: Tom Terhaar (US NT Women's Head Coach); William Porter (Yale Women's Head Coach); Felice Mueller (Olympic Rower); Asiya Mahmud (Drexel Women's Assistant Coach)

July 10th, 6 pm EST - 8 pm EST: Al Acosta (Cal Women's Head Coach); Maggie Cheek (Cal Women's Assistant Coach); Amanda Kraus (Row New York Founder/Executive Director); Simone D'Abreu (Row New York/Smith Crew rower)

July 11th, 2 pm EST - 4 pm EST: Mike Teti (US NT Men's Head Coach); David Baker Banks (2x Olympic Rower); Meghan Musnicki (2x Olympic Gold Rower); Daphne Martschenko (Stanford/Cambridge/2x U23 rower)

July 11th, 6 pm EST - 8 pm EST: Katelin Guregian (Olympic Gold Coxswain); Grace Latz (Olympic Gold Rower); Tom Peszek (Olympic Rower); Arne Landboe (3x U23 rower)

The American Civil Liberties Union, aka the ACLU: The ACLU uses tangible legal action such as court cases, Supreme Court lawsuits, the implementation of policy, and advocacy to defend the rights of American citizens. It is currently working on court cases against FBI targeting of Black activists, the fight against police violence, the use of the law to promote racial justice, and much more. More information at ""

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