A Most Beautiful Thing by Arshay Cooper is the moving true story of a group of young men growing up on Chicago’s Westside who form the first all African American school rowing team in the nation, and in doing so not only transform a sport but their lives.

Growing up on Chicago’s Westside in the ’90s, Arshay Cooper knows the harder side of life.  His mother is a recovering addict, and his three siblings all sleep in a one-room apartment, just a few floors above the war zone on the street below.

Arshay’s life is about to take an unexpected turn. One day as he’s walking out of school, he notices a boat in the school lunchroom, and a poster that reads “Join the Crew Team”.

No one signs up. The next day, he sees the boat again.  Only this time, a table is piled high with pizza. Arshay signs up. This decision to join is one that will forever change his life and those of his fellow teammates. As Arshay and his teammates begin to come together to learn how to row–many never having been on the water before–the sport takes them from the streets of Chicago to the hallowed halls of Ivy League boathouses.

A Most Beautiful Thing is the inspiring true story about the most unlikely band of brothers that form a family, and forever change a sport and their lives in the process.

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Desiree Brown said:

A most beautiful thing. I love this story. Do not define yourself by one thing, we are a resilient and diverse group of people who can do anything.
Nuff Respect!

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