May 02, 2022


We are our gear. 

We are excited to announce our brand new HUDSON SHARK gear. Be a part of this seamless integration where technical innovation meets creative design skill in performance apparel. 

Staples in the rowing world, HUDSON Boat Works born in 1981 and JL Racing born in 1982 were both founded with family at their core. We are both athlete-inspired and technology-driven, where the gear we wear and use work for you and not against you. A unified partnership where both brands are committed to the pursuit of high performance and high quality gear.

If you’re going to train with SHARKS you better look like one.


What does it mean to be a SHARK? 

Refined over 400 million years, SHARKS are one of nature’s most successful, most enduring designs. They are known for speed, instinct, and relentless pursuit of their goals. At HUDSON, we embody the ideals of what it means to Be a SHARK, with an Athlete focused, Technology driven pursuit.

SHARK skin and form provide protection and a competitive advantage in the water. The unique Shark scale design combined with streamline body shape result in improved speed and reduced drag.

SHARK Series hulls are designed to optimize hydrodynamics and provide Free Speed.



What is the significance of the five gills?

All but a few Sharks have five gills, which provided an iconic design element for the new inline JL SHARK Gear.



HUDSON Boat Works

HUDSON, founded in 1981, has been manufacturing Olympic class rowing boats in London, Ontario for over 40 years.

In 2007 HUDSON introduced the SHARK™ Series. The new HUDSON hull shapes were the first to market using ‘unsteady flow’ Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses. Building on the knowledge gained from the first-generation shapes, development of subsequent generations of SHARK hulls were designed to increase stability while maintaining outstanding performance characteristics.

In conjunction with design technology HUDSON worked with composite material suppliers to adapt aerospace technology to create proprietary SHARK carbon for the 2009 release of the SHARK Predator (SP) line that led to a hull construction that is 4 times more impact resistant and 50 percent stiffer than the previous construction. In 2014 the Ultimate SHARK Predator (USP) line was released, setting the pace for high-performance rowing shell manufacturing.

Since 1984, HUDSON boats have won over 90 medals at the Olympic and World Rowing Championships. At the 2004 Athens Olympics the World Fastest Time of 5:19 for the 2000m Olympic distance was set by the United States Men’s 8+ in a HUDSON.


Shop the HUDSON SHARK Collection 
Now available on JL Athletics.


Men's Performance Quarter Zip


Women's Performance Quarter Zip


Men's SHARK Performance Tank


Unisex Midweight Sequel Splash Jacket


Unisex Fleece Performance Hoodie


White Tech Hat


3 Piece Pogie Set (More coming soon)


Women's Luxe Leggings with Pocket



Shop the entire HUDSON SHARK Collection on JL Athletics


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