Three Tips To Keep Spirits High

August 14, 2019

Three Tips To Keep Spirits High

Three Tips for Enjoying the Process

In rowing, especially in the depths of a training plan or the midst of an especially gruelling session, it can be easy to lose track of the sense of enjoyment that is crucial for the continued success and performance of a rower. In the darkest of “pain caves,” without the promise of light at the end of the tunnel, it can be easy to want to tap out. Try these three tips to keep spirits high while still keeping your eye on the prize.

1) Cross Training

Love the idea of breaking up the monotony of a training plan, but don’t want to miss any training time? Mixing up the method of training can help. Gather a group, find some time, and get to work. Biking is a favorite of rowers for its similar benefits as a low-impact cardio sport which emphasizes maintaining an elevated heart rate, feeling the burn in your legs, and keeping the competitive edge. Find a group of friends, maybe even one outside your normal training contingent, find some bikes, and hid the pavement. Don’t forget your helmet! (PS! Looking for any cycling gear? We’ve got you covered)

2) Swimming

Another activity known for its cardio, this full body workout can be a great way to change up the motion of hunched over rowing or biking and elongate the spine in the support of water. Choose whether to hit the lanes and take this training seriously, or hit the beach with friends and use some ocean or lake swimming as a great way to get in some hard strokes while still enjoying the summer while it lasts. 

3) Host a Learn to Row Day

As we’ve mentioned before, the rowing community does an incredible job of maintaining itself by passing on knowledge generationally from rower to rower. Not only can hosting a learn to row day be a great way to get the community involved, coaching novices can also be a very informative, and humbling experience as a rower. Taking a peek at what your coaches see can provide a lot of insight as to what to work on in your own stroke. Grab some friends, talk to your coaches, and see if hosting a learn to row day is a possibility. 

It’s hard to always stay upbeat when training, rowing, and maintaining your life seems to be getting overwhelming, taking time to break up the training plan can help to raise your spirits. Have your own great ideas for keeping heads high around the boathouse? Take a picture or video and tag us on instagram!

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