The Electronic Rowing Games aim to raise money for charity and also give athletes from all across the world, a chance to compete in the biggest virtual regatta ever. 

The Electronic Rowing Games has come about to fulfill two goals:

First to give all athletes, from universities and clubs, amateur and professional, a goal to work towards during these tough times, and a sense of competition that we all miss.

Second, to raise money for health services and charities across the world. All profits will be donated to these good causes.

The event will take place on the weekends of the 13th and 20th of June. 

There are 5 categories: Senior, Adult, Student, Junior, and Para. (5 for men, 5 for women)

Covid-19 has affected us all. Never before has the world been through such an uncertain time. ERG is aware of the countless coaches, rowers, student-athletes, and more, who have been affected by this crisis. They are also aware that many rowers are also studying, or have studied, medicine and we thank you for your work and service.

ERG has functional software from TimeTeam which will run the whole regatta. All competitors need is a Concept2 rowing machine, a cable, and a good internet connection!  

Competitors will register online. You will then have to connect your Concept2 rowing machines to your laptop or computer. You will receive a date and time for your race. Using our software, you will race virtually over a set distance against someone else. The winner moves on, the loser is out of the competition.

ERG wants to make this regatta open to as many people as possible. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of their software, they can only accept participants using C2 rowing machines (PM 3/4/5+). There are 4 main categories per gender: U18, U23, 23-39, 40+. The entry fee covers the cost of the software, prizes, and various costs. All profits will be donated to charities.

Read more on the Electronic Rowing Games and how you can register HERE.

May 26, 2020 — Hannah Abbott

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