Team JL 2022 Picks

February 21, 2022

Team JL 2022 Picks

Team JL ambassadors have a wide variety of experiences with rowing. From rowing and coxing to coaching, and from youth to masters, our ambassadors are all throughout the rowing community. Because of their years of experience, we asked our ambassadors what their favorite piece of JL gear is. See how they responded below!


Men's Fast Lane Unisuit

"It fits very well, and the design is one of the best on the site. The material is really comfortable, especially throughout the summer months, where a usual uni sticks to you. They still feel breathable and don’t impact your motion. They also dry very quickly, so they become their most comfortable nature quickly." -Jack H.

Shop the Men's Fast Lane Unisuit 


Unisex Thermo Long Sleeve Tech Shirt Hi-Viz and Custom Unisuits

"The fleece long sleeve hi-viz top is my all time favorite, it keeps me nice and warm but also is super breathable. The inside is super soft and the outside material keeps me dry. The team unis from JL are unbeatable. I love how you can customize the fit to your liking and the quality is always super high." -Sofia P.

Shop the Unisex Thermo Long Sleeve Tech Shirt Hi-Viz 

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Turtleshell Vests and Fun Print Trou

"The vests are so practical and comfortable to row in They are just perfect to take the edge off a drizzly or a chilly morning, and ever so easy to slip off as needed mid row. Fun print trou always make me smile.  Why not wear something fun to make every day in the boat feel like a vacation from the ordinary." - Claudia P

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Any Team JL Turtleshell Vest

"That vest is one of my all-time favorites pieces of clothing... perfect for a light layer here in NC. They are great for any outdoor activity - and the TeamJL colors and design are always fabulous." -Jennifer T.

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JL Racing Custom Unisuits

"Hands down, the custom, minus-2-inch-inseam unisuit is my all-time favorite JL gear! I wear them year around as a base layer when it's cold and as an outer layer wen it's hot. The ability to request a shorter leg length makes a perfect fit." -Kevin F.

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Women's Performance Tank Tops

"My fave is the pineapple pattern from a previous ambassador collection. The fit is great and the color and pattern is unique. It’s my most complemented rowing gear." -Holly W.

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HUDSON Women's Racerback Tank White


Custom Team Unisuit

"It feels ready natural to row in you can just move like you want." -Daan B.

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Unisex Drywick Long Sleeve Tech Shirt

"Great fit, so comfy, fast drying. It even did a great job in our winter training camp in the alps 2 weeks ago." -Ulrike U.

Shop Unisex Drywick Long Sleeve Tech Shirt



Men's Team JL Unisuit

"Not only are the navy/aqua/yellow colors fun, but the design is just so appropriate for rowing, too. While lines and angles are part of the science of the sport, so are curves and fluid swooshes, too. And that tiger pattern on the side of the uni: it’s tattoo-worthy. I’ve been a JL Racing ambassador for six years, and have been wearing JL rowing kit since the early 1990s.This year’s kit fits so well and is so comfortable, and it ranks with some of the most fun-looking rowing kit I own." -Greg K.

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Women's Performance Racerback Tanks

"While I will always love unis, I have also fallen in love with the racerback tanks. These tanks are super comfortable, lightweight, and have a great cut! They are also super versatile and you are likely to see me wearing one rowing, running, riding my bike indoors or just out at about in the summer." -Shannon K.

Shop the Women's Hi-Viz Performance Tank 

Shop the HUDSON Women's Racerback Tank



Unisex Drywick Tights

"These are my favorite tights to wear when I need an extra layer on chillier mornings!" -Grace L.

Shop Unisex Drywick Tights Black

Shop All Tights & Joggers


Unisex Drywick Short Sleeve Tech Shirt

"I like the texture of the shirt, and my body is dry and comfortable. The seams do not irritate the skin and do not impede movement. This is a real plus compared to other sports brands! " -Alexandra C.

Shop Unisex Drywick Short Sleeve Tech Shirt


Unisex Aloha Trou

"I love the JL trou in general but I love this one especially because it has a lot of pink so I usually wear it on pink Wednesday. The fit is good, and I like that the fabric is soft." -Asher R.

Shop Unisex Aloha Trou 



Hi-Viz Pineapple Unisuit

"I need Hi Viz as a club rule. It is much more fun to have a great design as well to be fun and make people notice me and my JL Kit!! The fit and comfort are great." -Laurence K.

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Team JL 2022 Unisex Long Sleeve Tech Shirt

"I love the feel when I wear this and I don't mean the stitching I mean what it represents. I wasn’t always a fan of wearing long sleeves while I train. However, the long sleeve tech shirt is very comfortable to wear it keeps you warm, dry and motivated." -Christian G.

Shop Unisex Drywick Long Sleeve Tech Shirt



USRowing Men's Performance Tank Hi-Viz

"It wakes me up in the morning and tells me to go row my tail off." -Richard W.

Men's Hi-Viz Performance Tank


Women's Avocado Unisuit

"This uni was one of JL's best products. First the first is perfect and the material is stretchy and ideal. Second, the design was so fun and I get comments on it all the time." -Gemma W.

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What is your favorite favorite piece of JL gear?

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