For rowers, summer is a time where you can either take a break, or you can continue training and become faster. Many young rowers will opt for summer rowing camps so that they can continue to develop their technical skills, and keep up their fitness over the summer. Whether you are attending a local rowing camp, or going to an out-of-town camp, we've compiled a list of what you can pack in your rowing camp kit so that you are prepared to train!


1. Trou

This style is an essential training basic. JL trou are designed specifically for rowers. They are made with moisture-wicking fabric, and they are double-lined under the sit bones, making them comfortable for rowing or erging sessions. We have a wide range of options - from regular length to short cut, solid colors to fun prints and patterns, regular waistband and banded trou, and more!

Unisex Drywick Trou Black

Unisex Drywick Ringer Trou

Unisex Drywick Speed Stripe Trou

 Women's Drywick Trou Original Length Black

Women's Drywick Banded Trou Navy Short Cut

Women's Malibu Banded Trou

Unisex Catch a Crab Trou

Unisex Give Me Some Fin Trou

Women's Strike Seat Banded Trou 

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2. Tank top

Let's face it - it's summer, so there is sure to be some hot weather! Our performance tank tops are made with Apex Mesh, a silky material that provides opaque coverage while still allowing air flow. JL tanks are built to accommodate a comfortable fit to maximize breathability and movement. Choose from our bright colors, and fun designs!

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3. Loose-fit Layers

Layers are always good to bring along, since weather can be unpredictable. Our long or short sleeve performance shirts are great for warming up, cooling down, providing some extra protection from sun or wind, or for wearing post-practice. All of our performance shirts are made with moisture-wicking fabric that is breathable and comfortable. Check out some of the different styles below!

Unisex Loose-Fit Short Sleeve Shirt Hi-Viz


Men's Oars Button Down Henley

Unisex Loose-Fit Performance Shirt White/Gray

Unisex Accelerate Lightweight Active Hoodie

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4. Unisuit

JL Unisuits are designed so you can move with precision, and boast famous durability. Unisuits are the preferred racing and training garment in the rowing world, and a great piece to have multiple of at rowing camp. Choose from solids & basics, fun prints and patterns, or shop our Geographic Collection!


Men's Quintessential Red Training Unisuit

Men's New Zealand Unisuit

Women's Kona Unisuit

Women's Red Adrenaline Spaghetti Strap Unisuit

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5. Quarter Zip

Quarter Zips are the perfect layer for both off the water and on the water. The zipper allows for additional air flow while warmup up or rowing, and the relaxed fit makes this the perfect style for multiple activities. JL quarter zips have extended sleeves and added thumbholes, and are made with moisture-wicking material.

Men's Performance Quarter Zip Navy

Women's Performance Quarter Zip Arizona Blue

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6. Joggers

Showing up to the lake before the sun rises? Done with practice? Lounging around waiting for the next row? Slip on a pair of our comfy joggers! Cotton-feel performance knit fabric is perfect for pre and post practice, and you can keep pants dry in wet weather by scrunching them to the calves.

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7. T-Shirt

After practice and a shower, there's nothing better to put on then a rowing tee! Rep rowing off the water with one of our unique rowing t-shirts. 

Skeleton Tee Heather White

USA Rowing Sky Blue Tee


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8. Headwear

Headwear is important in protecting your head from the elements, including sun and rain. Hats and visors also help reduce brightness on those bright, sunny days, as well as wick sweat away from the forehead. 

Coolplus Pique Tech Hat

Reflective Hi-Viz Script Visor

USA Rowing Visor 

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