Rowing tales - everyone loves a good story by, Rebecca Caroe

One of the things I like most about our sport is the ample opportunity to hear some wonderful stories from other rowers and coaches.  There are just so many fun things that get told on river banks, in bars, and at club awards dinners.

This gave me the idea to collect rowing stories into a book for other rowers to read and enjoy and this was the start of publishing the Rowing Tales anthology series.

I have published two editions of Rowing Tales now - It’s an annual event - and each one contains between 30 and 40 different stories contributed by rowing folks from around the world. 

Have you got a Rowing Tale to tell?

I am looking for stories from anyone.  My guide to what makes a good rowing tale is simply this - will the reader empathize with what she is reading?  Will she think, golly I have done that, or I wish I hadn’t done that, or I want to do that? 

Wanting to make it really easy for people to contribute, I accept voice recordings or written stories.  So if you can open your phone, and just record yourself talking through the story.  Then email the voice file to me and I will do the transcription and editing. 

Send your rowing tale to me by email


If you want to see past years editions, go to:


Rowing Tales 2018

Rowing Tales 2017

Available in kindle or printed book.


Rebecca is also looking for a rowing artist to do the cover art - have you got a friend who rows and also designs?  Please introduce us!

This cover was designed by Annabel Eyres and you can see more of her wonderful work at

The 2017 cover was designed by Tonia Williams and her rowing artwork is for sale

The deadline for submissions for 2019 Rowing Tales is 30th September.  The newest book will be available in early November in time for Christmas gifts.

August 07, 2019 — Hannah Abbott

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