Depending on the climate you row in, you may or may not have heard of pogies. If you continue to row during the coldest months of the year, then pogies might be the perfect rowing accessory for you! Team JL's Pippa uses them to keep her hands warm and dry, and recommends:

"If you struggle with dexterity in the cold, they help maintain good technique for both scullers and sweep rowers." - Team JL's Pippa

So, what exactly ARE pogies??

Wearing gloves while rowing is taboo, as rowers want to have direct contact with the oar handle to ensure full control over the oar. The most important thing about pogies is that they keep your hands warm and dry, while still allowing you to have that direct contact with the oar. Pogies go on the hands like gloves, and then they have openings to slip over the end of the oar. Both the oar and your hands are inside the pogie, which lets you maintain contact and proper grip on the oar while you row. Team JL's Laurence uses pogies for hand warmth while rowing in the winter in the UK.

"They're great, they keep your hands and therefore body warm, and you don't lose feel of the oar." -Team JL's Laurence

The top layer of a JL Racing pogie is made of Hytrel, which is a highly water- and wind-resistant fabric. It is the same fabric that JL Classic Sequel Jackets are made from, and helps protect your hands from rain, snow, and back splash. Performance fleece is used on the inside to keep your hands warm, while still wicking water. The cuff is drywick, which allows for maximum stretch and a snug fit on your wrists, but is also easy to slip the pogie on and off. 

"During the winter, when it rains and it's cold, my hands stay so cold that I can't feel my oars for the duration of the entire water session. Using pogies gave me back the feeling in my fingers! They dramatically improve life for rowers with cold hands during the winter!" - Team JL's Robin

JL Racing pogies are available on JL Athletics, as well as in our custom gear options. On JL Athletics, pogies come in sets of three: two pogies that fit onto the end of a port and starboard oar, and one pogie that slides onto the oar first if you are rowing sweep. If you scull, you will use the two pogies for the port and starboard oar, while sweep rowers will use the pogie that slides all the way over the oar and either the port or starboard pogie. No matter if a rower is port, starboard, bisweptual, or a sculler, the 3 piece pogie sets will allow the rower a bare-hand grip with the ultimate thermal protection in frigid conditions.

The custom team pogies can be designed in team colors and logos. They can be set as individual pieces so that each person orders the pieces they need for the type of rower that they are. 

On JL Athletics, besides the classic Three Piece Pogie Set Black (shown above), the are other fun options to choose from:


For more gear and apparel that is perfect for chilly practices, check out the Cold Weather Gear collection on JL Athletics!

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