Do you have one last decision to round out this year’s rowing kit collection? You may have the required racing gear--unisuit or trou and tank, and the team Splashjacket.  But what goes on your wishlist?  Whether I’m talking with a novice’s parent or a college athlete on a budget, a Turtleshell is the one discretionary item I recommend to everyone. 

Yup, it may be my favorite because it is one of the garments I created from the boat up.  At first, it had no zippers (just imagine wiggling in and out of it when in a single), it was unisex, a shade too short in the front, and quite geeky…evolution brought zippers, an added women-specific cut (yay) and a broad range of weights to accommodate rowers in climates from Scandinavia to Florida.   

And here is the technical bit…Rowers spend most of their time going backward.  In The Cold.  This makes lower back/lumbar area the most exposed (read…” at risk for injury”).  The Turtle was designed to protect the lower back, without overheating.  The back and high neck are wind- and water-proof.  The front is four-way stretch and breathe-able.

Ok, maybe it really is my fav because the ridiculous name I gave it actually stuck.  And makes sense. Turtleshell—hardback, soft belly.  Put it on your wishlist.

Don’t leave the dock without one this fall, you’ll only really understand when you hardly notice you have it on and don’t need to strip down once you are warmed up.


 - Joline



September 06, 2019 — Joline Espraza

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