Jackets for rowers are tricky things. I know I’ve always been a heater—I like to wear lots of layers because once I get warmed up, it’s a strip show. This works well when using a turtle, and/or a Splashjacket, which are designed to protect without overheating and to be easily stow-able. 

But what about when you want your jacket to be multi-purpose, and you want to keep it on? Do you cycle down to the boathouse? How about while rigging, or running, or…here it comes…hanging around the regatta (get it? Regatta…Jacket?).  Sometimes you want a jacket that performs, matches your team, but fits more like a casual garment and has lots of pockets for all your…stuff. 

Having said that, and (despite having pockets), this is also a great item for in the boat.  This breathable garment allows moisture to escape, even while the rain is kept off of your neck, back, and core. 

When developing this item, we also channeled our inner coxswains and coaches, people who need warmth with the ability to leap into action at any time.  Our heavyweight fleece-lined Regatta Jacket fits the bill.  And did I say it has gobs of pockets?

Newsy news flash! The final touch, added by the mad scientists at our high-tech super-secret lab, is that our Regatta Jackets, always made of waterproof Hytrel, now come seam-sealed!  Other features include a removable rain hood, full zipper cover, napoleon pocket, zippered hand pockets, and elastic/Velcro cuff to adjust fit around the wrist.


As a final note,  the people who handle your orders--the JL reps who are out in the elements with you at regattas—all chose the Regatta Jacket as a key garment.  I have several in my closet from over the years, one of the items that I pull out more frequently as the seasons shift. 


More later, Joline


JL Regatta Jacket  

September 12, 2019 — Joline Espraza

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