Being the Parent of a Rower by, Jennifer Lewis

February 18, 2020

Being the Parent of a Rower by, Jennifer Lewis

 A note to the rowing parent...

  1. You will cheer for the wrong team/child

Every parent cheers for the wrong team so don’t worry.  Your child is out on the water and you think they are going by but low and behold it’s another team!  The other issue is you only see them for a couple of seconds as they go by.  Because it’s hard to see your child or teams boat out on the water GO to Dicks and get a pair of binoculars! 

  1. You will become a parent to many more children

Rowing teams are large for the most part so be prepared to stock up on food before the races.  Your one child will turn into 60 and everyone will be hungry or HANGRY!  Don’t be surprised if you see teams with grills, propane stoves, or catered meals.  The smell of warming hot chocolate on a cold afternoon or catered chipotle is normal!

  1. You will learn a different language

Way enough, power 10, stroke, crab, flutter, repechage, skeg!  What is my child talking about?!  If you don’t know the terminology already you will soon enough!  Or if your child won’t help you out then look up rowing terms on Wikipedia. 

  1. You will miss it

Rowing can be a hard spectator sport especially when the race days are long.  I will never forget my mom’s truck filled with tons of food for the team and her cooking on her little stove for us.  My dad trying to catch glimpses of the Sunday football games on the small TV in the van.  What I know for sure is that my parents miss those days.  They miss all the kids.  They miss all the parents. They miss the comradery of the team.  So enjoy it now parents and soak it all in!!


Jennifer Lewis 

JL Sales Rep

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