Team JLRacing is a Worldwide Ambassador Program that brings together rowers from 43 countries who love the JL brand, want to help build the sport, and connect with rowers around the world. This exclusive group of athletes is comprised of Olympic Medalists, World Champs, Coxswains, Coaches, Novices, Elites, Masters, and ranges in age from 15 to 60+. With athletes at every level, and on national teams all over the world, we encourage team members to connect through our SM groups, and at events.  

Why be part of team JL?

Team JL is about more than just clothing. It is about creating lifelong connections through a shared love of sport and a brand that supports and loves rowing. We've been here, supporting rowers worldwide for 35+ years, and this is just the beginning! Be a part of something bigger! We're fast. We're fun. We look darn good in our JL gear! Join us to bring JL comfort and performance to future rowing generations!

Benefits of Team Membership

Exclusive access and deep discounts on Team JLRacing special yearly designs. Discounts on all other JL gear, including special collections, and in-line product. Custom referral benefits and more!

How Can I Apply?

Applications for the 2019 program will close January 1st, 2019. Sign up for our newsletter below to keep up to date on our ambassador program. We will announce opening of the application process on our SM platforms, as well as newsletter.

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