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Congratulations on becoming a Team JL Ambassador!
This year we're making the juice worth the squeeze.
We selected ambassadors this year based on a number of factors: Passion for JL, dedication to rowing, and involvement in your local community. You are joining a group of ambassadors all over the globe who are passionate about rowing and excited to collaborate, engage, and give guidance to each other. This year we will have both an overall ambassador facebook group and also a regional group based on your location and run by our JL Captains. Your team store below is available ONLY to selected ambassadors. Check it out and WELCOME TO TEAM JL!

Your store will be open until midnight on February 18th. Production will take 4-6  weeks after the store closes (not including shipping time which varies between domestic and international) after your team store is closed!
Please order on the team store within the designated time frame, or you will not be able to receive Team JL gear for the year!

Welcome to our new site! It is currently in beta, please accept our apologies if you find an error. We love it, and hope you love it too! 

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